Partnership – part 3

we are partners in His life, suffering, death and resurrection
We are partners in the gospel and partners with the Holy Spirit. Those are aspects one and two. Partnership aspect number three is: we are partners in Christʼs experience (Philippians 3:10 – 11). By this I mean, we are partners in his life, suffering, death and resurrection. Each of those characteristics of Christʼs experience have meaning for followers of Christ. And, each of them may be utilized to help those without hope to find the only hope that matters.

In particular, Paul focused here on the characteristic of suffering. Suffering is an opportunity for Christʼs love and life to be shown to those who suffer. Suffering people need to know there is a Savior who has suffered, too. They need to know their is a Savior who understands what they are experiencing. And, they need to know this suffering Savior can transform them, even if their circumstances are slow to change. When we reach out to suffering people we do so as partners in Christʼs experience because we know that He suffered, but that He also rose in victory. That produces hope!

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