Partnership – part 4

The final aspect of partnership is that we are partners in finances (Philippians 4:14 – 17). We are partners in the gospel, partners with the Holy Spirit, and partners in Christʼs experience. But, to actually accomplish the mission of God we have to participate in the fourth aspect of partnership – finances.

We all value certain things. Some value a Starbuckʼs venti skinny nonfat caramel macchiato and are willing to pay $5 or more for it! Others value Applebees’ 2 for $20 dinner menu. Some will purchase only Toyotas because they value them above Chevyʼs. We all value things in life.
What is the value of a Zimbabwean soul?

Being partners in finances begs an answer to this critical question: What is the value of a Zimbabwean soul? (Or any other soul, for that matter.) We know that God valued a Zimbabwean soul so highly that He gave His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross to redeem that soul. You and I canʼt pay that kind of price for a Zimbabwean soul, but we still need to answer the question.

What is the value of a Zimbabwean childʼs soul? What is the value of a Zimbabwean womanʼs soul? What is the value of a Zimbabwean manʼs soul?

We can easily determine what we value in life. Take a look at your bank statement, or your credit card statements. Where are you investing?

Is the process of presenting the good news of Jesus Christ to Zimbabweans worth what is in your wallet? Your check book? Is it worth your time and resources? Let us know if you want to make a difference with us in Zimbabwe. Weʼll show you how.

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