Promoting Unity; Encouraging Growth

We just concluded the bi-annual General Council meeting of the Assemblies of God, Zimbabwe. Pastors and delegates from throughout the nation met in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second city, to transact the business of the organization. Proposals were discussed, adopted or rejected; elections held resulting in a new Assistant General Superintendent and confirmation of the acting General Secretary as the new full-term General Secretary; and services to inspire, motivate, and inform, plus enjoying the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Two dominant themes emerged from these meetings. First, unity. As a Spirit-empowered church planting movement in Zimbabwe, the General Council agreed there is need for unity; unity of vision, unity of purpose, unity of action. Second, growth. Our churches must grow in each local area, plus we must plant more churches throughout the nation. Unity encourages growth. Growth needs unity. Operating in unity the General Council will pursue the vision of planting 1,000 new churches by 2020. In fact, the growth has already¬† begun. By the end of 2013, the 87 churches of the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Zimbabwe will have added about 50 new churches! One province alone has a goal of adding 25 churches. It’s an exciting prospect.

One church plant will occur in Masvingo. Visiting evangelist, Greg Hubbard, will headline our effort as pastors and church members to establish a new church in this growing city of over 100,000 people. No Assemblies of God work exists there. New pastor, Tawanda Gasa, is laying the foundation for the upcoming evangelistic rallies, May 22 – 26. Working together, we believe the result of this effort will be a solid church that will become the flagship of church planting in the Masvingo province. Unity, growth – a winning formula!

You can help with both unity and growth. How? Pray for the success of this church planting effort. Pray for safety of the many church members and leaders traveling to Masvingo from various locations throughout the nation. Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the way. Your participation will make a difference in the success of this effort!

  1. Steve Metzner
    Steve Metzner09-12-2016

    I am a member of the West Assembly of God in Fowler Colorado. I am presently the 24/7 caretaker for my wife. and unable to attend services there, instead I watch Sun Life Broadcasts on TV. During this time I have a great deal of time to read and study the bible. Several months ago I began to feel a leading to missions. Since I am 76 years old and not formally educated I could not understand the Lords leading me in this way. When I asked Him in prayer why, He gave me this verse in Psalms, 27:14.
    Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and I will strengthen your heart, wait I say on the Lord.
    So I just went ahead with my care of my wife and continued my studies. About two of three months ago I got the copy of World View covering the work along the Amazon River and jungle. It brought tears to my eyes as I found it hard to take all those people not hearing about our Lord Jesus and the forgiveness of sin. In my prayers that day I asked again why was He putting this on my heart. While still on my knees He spoke to me and said I want you to become a prayer warrior for all missionaries around the world. I immediately got the names of the missionaries the church is supporting and began praying for them daily. I then pray for the other thousands that have answered His call in a general prayer for all missionaries. I have not missed a day since. I refuse to go to bed if I have not done what the Lord as given me to do.
    I just got a computer and got on line so I can pull up your site and find out he challenges you are facing each day. If you have the time please keep me posted and any prayer requests you have and be assured I will bring them before the Lord. May the Lord reach every ear in Zimbabwe through His efforts through you.

    Yours In the Lord

    Steve Metzner

    • Larry Allen
      Larry Allen10-03-2016

      Hi Steve,

      May the Lord bless you abundantly for listening to his voice and obeying what he is leading you to do. Missionaries need prayer – sometimes when they don’t realize it!

      You can pray for us to raise our monthly and cash budgets. We have 80% of our monthly budget raised, but still need $2,000/month. We also must raise $30,000 cash before we get released to go back to Zimbabwe. We really need to get this done by April 2017.

      Also, we have been stymied by the Zimbabwe government regarding our work permits. We have applied and been denied. Our brethren in Zim are working on clearing the roadblocks, but we need divine intervention to make sure we get the work permits. Please pray with us about this.

      Thanks so much!

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