About Us

For 19 years, the Allens, through strategic plans and partnerships, have served the needs of men, women and children in Malawi and Zimbabwe. Their work has been crucial to the success of various programs and projects designed to improve African quality of life and spread the message of Jesus Christ.

Their accomplishments include:

  • Trained pastors and church leaders to train others to minister to persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families
  • Conceived, instituted and developed the House of Promise orphan family home concept and built 3 of these houses
  • Assisted Kondonani Orphan Support project, including providing educational materials, securing property, and donating food, blankets and mosquito nets
  • Helped Bangula Home-based Care project with medicines, funding, and training: 120 volunteers went into 12 villages caring for over 300 terminally ill
  • Supervised Macey Williams Girls Secondary School, instituting positive changes in faculty and facilities
  • Facilitated construction projects
  • Served on a rape crisis task force that has developed and implemented the first-ever rape crisis support and shelter
  • Trained men and women to be effective pastors, evangelists and missionaries